Last Frontier in Kenya – To many, Malaba seem to be a small town in Kenya that can be explored easily within a day.

However, we would like to recommend that you consider taking a few days around. Oluokos Signature will help you weave so cool experiential excursions for a day or two.  

Malaba town itself has very little attractions to visit but its neighborhood has quite a number of little known attractions.  Being a small town, there are fewer accommodation options making many to make a quick stop here before heading to the neighboring cities. We have provided a number of local attractions that you can check out while in Malaba and find out the top things to do.


The town sits on the main BujumburaMombasa Road, also known as the Northern Corridor, which connects the capitals of four East African Community countries of BurundiRwandaUganda and Kenya to the Indian Ocean port of Mombasa. A metre gauge railway, operated by Rift Valley Railways crosses the border in this town. The standard gauge railway from Mombasa is expected to pass through this town. Malaba is about 438 kilometers northwest of Nairobi, the capital and largest city in Kenya. The town sits at an altitude of 1,180 meters, above sea level and not too far from Kenya’s second highest mountain, the Elgon.

This is less used by passenger road traffic than Busia, but it’s where most freight, as well as the (presently freight-only) railway line, crosses the border with Uganda. Endless lines of lorries choke the roads on both sides; for some, it can take days to get across. Fortunately, pedestrians and those on small ot tourist vehicles can cross without difficulty. Official formalities are relatively simple, and moneychangers are on hand on both sides of the border.

Try to find out the current rates in advance, watch out for scams and count the currency you’re buying carefully before handing yours over. Our best advise is that you should bring your debit and and credit cards as there is a good number of ATM points both in Malaba, Kenya or Uganda.

Malaba Border Crossing – Uganda Vs Kenya Destination

However, Malaba is a famous international border crossing to access Kenya, travelling Uganda Vs Kenya. This border is open 24/7 to allow travelers to cross in normal a way. The only times these checkpoints are closed are during national elections and crises like for periods during emergencies and crises like the difficult time we went through during the COVID-19.

Whether coming from Kenya or Ugnada, Malba border is critically vital to the international travelers. Both Kenyan and Ugandan citizens can be seen enjoying daytrips to Tororo and Bungoma respectively on a daily basis.  

Apart from Malaba and Busia, there are a number of other Kenya –Uganda border crossing points that travelers may use to access the two East African states. Unfortunately, not all of them can be crossed using a Kenya EVisa. You need to consult in advance to know the route that you will be taking during your travels.

Between Kenya and Uganda Border Posts

There are 5 Kenya-Uganda border points where travelers may cross from Kenya to Uganda and vice versa. We have listed them below for your guidance.  


Crossing the Kenya-Uganda border at Busia: The Busia border crossing is the main land checkpoint for goods and travelers passing between Kenya and Uganda borders. The town of Busia (Kenya) is the capital of Busia County and lies on the direct route between Kampala and Nairobi via Kisumu.


Malaba Kenya-Uganda border point: Kenya-Uganda border town of Malaba is the second-busiest border crossing between the two countries. North of Busia and east of Tororo, Uganda, it is the most convenient checkpoint for those traveling from Kenya to Uganda through Eldoret. The border itself is quite wide, with around 1 km between the Kenyan and Ugandan border posts. Travelers crossing can cover this distance on foot or by boda-boda (motor bike taxi). 

Other border-crossing points are Lwakhakha, Lokitanyala and Suam Kenya has cargo train services that ends at Malaba Railway Station.

Tourist Activities around Malaba

  1. The Kakapel Rock Art

Kakapel is renowned for its rich cultural heritage and historical significance. The rock paintings found here offer a fascinating glimpse into the lives and beliefs of the people who inhabited the region in ancient times.

These ancient artworks are not only a testament to human creativity but also serve as important archaeological and anthropological artifacts. Exploring Kakapel allows you to connect with the past, appreciate the artistic achievements of early societies, and gain a deeper understanding of Teso’s cultural tapestry.

The rock art found in Kakapel in Teso land, Busia is believed to have been the work of the Abita/ Twa hunter-gatherers during the historical migration period. The people of Teso also keep livestock and practice mixed farming. The center hosts an annual festival yearly to display Teso culture, dance, music, literature, traditional food and beer.

  1. The Iteso Culture and their history

The Teso in Busia, numbering about 578,000, live mainly in Busia county. The Kenyan Teso people are an extension of their Ugandan counterparts in that they were merely separated by the partition of East Africa during the historic scramble of Africa just like the Masai of Kenya and Tanzania and the Oromo of Kenya and Ethiopia.

Teso people are the only Plains Nilotic people whose lifestyles underwent drastic changes. Having been pastoralists since time immemorial, these people are now the most successful farmers in both Western Kenya and Eastern Uganda. In recent years, the people have changed much of their lifestyle.

Teso are among the Plain Nilotic groups closely related to the Turkana, Karamojong, Toposa and the Maa groups of the Masai and Samburu. The Teso people are located in Western Province of Kenya currently in Busia County which is in South of Mountt. Elgon. To date, a  large number of them inhabit parts of Bungoma and even Trans Nzoia Counties which are dominated by the Bukusu of the Luhya community.

  1. The Aderema Hills

Standing Stones is a community-led tourism initiative that aims to foster an authentic human-nature connection and transformational slow holiday experience that mutually benefits the community, saves the environment, and enriches the guests’ experience.

Our program runs from one to three weeks where learning from the host community, sharing your knowledge with them and the cultural immersion offers guests a rare opportunity to indulge themselves in the rich culture and farming traditions by becoming a part of the Iteso community of Aderema in Western Kenya.

Aderema is so much more than your ordinary safari experience. We’re a responsible experiences designer, a passionate community changer, and above all nature conservationists.  At Oluokos, we specialize in achieving your best holiday experiences by influencing our community positively.

  1. Teso Open Markets

Teso countryside is a vibrant and a bustling collection of villages and trading centers. It’s located in the Western region of Kenya, adjacent to the Ugandan border with some magnificent views of Mount Elgon.

Teso land is renowned as a major trading hub with its neighboring communities and so is Busia County that is strategically positioned along the main transportation artery linking inland Uganda to the Kenyan port city of Mombasa.

Teso countryside offer a unique blend of cultures and traditions, reflecting its place as a key meeting point between the two nations knowing the fact that the same tribe lives in Uganda and Kenya respectively.

Besides its charming natural appeal, Teso land is home to vibrant markets, particularly the border market offering a myriad of East African crafts, fruits and other farm produce. Teso markets are reputed for their lively atmosphere and provide an authentic African shopping experience.

In Western Kenya, Teso has the best local community markets, which are staged on a daily basis in every village for the local peasants and traders to sell their wares and farm produce. These markets are different from the American and European markets and this brings importance of exploring them.

You can treat yourself to a tour of Malaba market, which is staged on a daily basis and attracts a good number of Uganda traders. The best days to experience, this is on Wednesday and every Saturday. Angurai market to the north is another place to be every Thursday and Sunday. Here, traders bring fresh suppliers all the way from the foot of Mount Elgon.

Lukoli market siuated along the Malaba – Busia highway is another attraction if you happen to be around on Mondays. The market is known for its wide varieties of fresh vegetables, fruits and grains that are brought all the way from the Teso land in Uganda.

Finally, you could explore the Amukura market that is staged every Friday. With its breathtaking views that may reveal the peaks of Mount Elgon, Amukura market is in its own league. From the grain vendors to potteries, from fresh vegetables, fruits and chicken to the live auction at the livestock market that also takes place on the same day.

You can’t beat the diversity of people, the colourful fabrics, the variety of produce and of course the famous trading of livestock. The famous Amukura Cattle Auction and market day are of economy’s importance for the people of Teso and a unique opportunity to interact with different tribes, taste local cuisine, drink local beer and sniff the locally cultivated tobacco. These are the best places in Teso land to shop for a unique souvenir for your loved ones.

  1. Karisa Hills Hike

Besides its charming natural appeal, Teso land is home to a variety of natural attractions, including the Chelelemuk Hills, Kocholya Hills, Amukura Hills and the Ochilata wetlands that’s a haven for birdwatchers and nature enthusiasts.

On the other hand, the little known Karisa Hills also locally known as Mur Karisa lie to the south of Malaba and are superb for a day’s trekking.

Walking through the villages, you’ll learn more about the local Teso tribe and traditions, the signs behind each hut’s painting, the importance of their farming activities and much more. Karisa Hills is a divergence range from the Amukura hills and offers some stunning views across the deeply fissured valleys and plains beyond Kenya. If the weather permits, it’s possible to see Kenya’s second highest peak, Mount Elgon and it extensive bluffs in the Ugandan side.

Our every day excursion is different. Our treks entail narrow paths that pass through farmlands crossing streams then climbing through villages and some lightly wooded hilltops before making it to the highest point of the hills. Without a guide, it’s easy to get lost, so you will need a guide, but the landscape is very diverse and the area has dramatic scenery and of course a very inviting Teso community.

  1. Sundowner at the Akites Hill

Hiking to the impressive Akites boulder for the sunset is an awesome experience to wind up your day.  This boulder is one of the Teso’s most treasured rocks rock sites. Akites rises vertically 375 meters above the lush woodlands and plains in Kenya and further into Uganda.

Under the good weather, climbing this rock gives you spectacular panoramic views. While here, you can clearly see Mount Elgon, Busia, Malaba, Amukura, Adungosi and Angurai towns, Samia Hills further south, parts of Bungoma as well as Tororo town in Uganda.

Apart from the views, sundowner experience while up here is the best reward as you take the moment to capture some elegant photos under the best light.

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