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Africa Luxury Safari Specialist 24/7/365 – Experience the ultimate  luxury vacations in Africa for families, individuals and small groups with Oluokos Signature, as you indulge in life-changing moments across Kenya, Tanzania, DR Congo, Uganda, and Rwanda. Don’t waste any more time and book now to guarantee your place in this unforgettable journey.

Ouir focus extends beyond traditional luxury, emphasizing special moments in less frequented wilderness areas and idyllic island beaches.

We offer a range of experiences, including romantic getaways on East Africa’s Indian Ocean islands and primate trekking in diverse habitats. Oluokos is committed to sustainable tourism, working with communities to develop alternative livelihoods that benefit both people and ecosystems.

We stand out as more than just a safari operator; we  are a responsible experience designer, community changers, and nature conservationists. 

We don’t only create holidays that suit your taste, but also that define your holiday moods and memories that last forever. Having an in-depth understanding of the lack of alternative livelihoods is a key issue that both, directly and indirectly, affects the ecosystems.

Romance & Islands

Whether you’re considering a proposal, having an island special occasion, enjoying your honeymoon or just in need a perfect relaxing moment to share a romantic bliss with your soulmate, east Africa’s Indian Ocean islands of Lamu, Pemba, Zanzibar or Mafia would sooth your mind.

Africa Luxury Safaris Specialist 24/365

Gorillas & Primates

Experience trekking opportunities and spend time with a diverse range of primates allowing you to get reasonably close and watch the incredible behavior ofthe gentle and the cheeky primates in a range of diverse habitats in multiple eastern and central African countries

Gorilla Safaris

Africa's Life-changing Luxury Safaris

Our response to sustainable tourism alongside our guests, our business, and like-minded conservation partners has remained identifying feasible alternative activities that could both, directly and indirectly; generate income for the native communities from the natural resources sustainably. Either way, we’d love to help you get to our favorite place on the planet.

We are so much more than your ordinary safari operator is. We’re a responsible experiences designer, a passionate community changer, a family and above all nature conservationists. At Oluokos Signature, we specialize in achieving your best holiday experiences through influencing our community positively throughout our chosen holiday destinations in Eastern and Central Africa.

Safaris & Conservation

For Nature and People...

Journey with us responsibly into the wilderness and experience the diversity and local cultures, wildlife, birds, and astonishing landscapes that have been conserved for nature. Africa’s tourism is developed on the basis of wildlife conservation in national parks, reserves and sanctuaries.

Beyond Parks Initiative

The Aderema Hills story...

The entire ecosystem and the inhabitants of the Aderema Hills in western Kenya are under threat. Unsustainable utilization of natural resources, unethical farming trends, hunting of game meat, and unchecked soil erosion are threatening the community’s livelihoods.

The Oluokos Signatures Experience

Whether this is your first taste of Africa or an uncountable journey back. We, weave each experience uniquely so that no two safaris are alike.

We offer you the absolute freedom to relish your own memory and leave flexibility in your itinerary to flow with an African rhythm.

If you’ve fallen for the charm of this extraordinary continent or if you’re contemplating about your first holiday or busy imagining about your repeat holidays.

At Oluokos Signature, we weave scheduled and, tailor-made scheduled luxury holidays as we ensure that our guests experience luxurious and authentic African safaris that are operated sustainably in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda. Discover the magical Kenya, the beautiful and original home of the modern wildlife safari. 

Africa Luxury Safari and Tour Specialist
Sustainable Travel
Sustainable Travel

Since our inception, we have identified and nurtured a close connection with the guests, conservation agencies, private wildlife authorities and, communities who own some of the prime territories where fauna and flora thrive as the key element of our conservation policies. Our choice to invest our resources and time in sustainable tourism was influenced by the fact that more than 80% of wildlife exists outside the protected areas.

When to Go
When to Go on Safari in Africa

At Oluokos, we take the pride in putting you in the right place at the right time to maximize your holiday experience. This is what we do passionately, at all levels of the business. Be it solo, family, group, business, or specialty travel, relax and leave it to us. Our well-informed team has lived, worked, and traveled across reasonably well, and together we have the requisite knowledge to plan the signature holiday outfit that meets your desire.

Kenya Luxury Safaris
Kenya Luxury Safaris

Well dubbed that the concept of the safari holiday experience started in Kenya. This could be true remembering that even the word ‘safari’ itself even stems from the Swahili dialect for ‘journey’ that is well known from the East African Coast. With all these in mind, Kenya safari holidays are no traditional journeys, with wildlife roaming its open plains of grasslands, scale up the majestic snow-capped mountains, indulge yourself in nature contrasts with absolute luxury and adventure combines all too well with a relaxing stay in the beach, wilderness or with a host community. This is the magical Kenya. Where it all began!

Tanzania Luxury Safaris
Tanzania Luxury Safaris

From the sweeping plains of the Serengeti and the Ngorongoro Crater in the north, Tanzania still retains its combined charm of the wilderness and idyllic coastal beaches. Home to Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest mountain that needs no introduction, and looms proudly with brightly snow-capped peaks. The alluring spice island of Zanzibar and Pemba both tantalize with turquoise warm waters, while sun and sand kiss its long stretching beaches. Tanzania also has a dozen UNESCO heritage sites, enhancing the kaleidoscopic diversity of Tanzania, making it an all-year-round holiday choice for new or even seasoned travelers.

DR Congo Luxury Safaris
DR Congo Luxury Safaris

Democratic Republic of Congo is known for its breadth of biodiversity and natural richness, which includes the largest area of primary rainforest in Africa. A journey to the heart of DR Congo is off the trodden path somewhat, but this often results in a friendly welcome and some heart-warming interactions with the local host communities. From the mountain gorillas, birdwatching, river expeditions, gettting lost with the pygmies or just sampling the Congolese gourmet. Journeying to DR Congo has lots of potentials for exploration for pioneering explorers looking for unique African holiday experiences.

Uganda Luxury Safaris
Uganda Luxury Safaris

Uganda offers a combination to some of the best parts of African wildlife safaris, and in our opinion, Uganda deserves the best wildlife planning for the best holiday experiences in the future. From the world’s longest river, the Nile to the peaks of the snow-capped Rwenzori Mountains and from the it wildlife filled savananas to the it forests that teem with primates. Stunning accommodation: The accommodation in Uganda ranges in quality, but we never make compromises on location. See some of the most incredible vistas in the whole of Africa from your private views in the wilderness.

Rwanda Luxury Safaris
Virunga Mountains DR Congo

Located in the heart of Africa, landlocked Rwanda has gone from strength to strength in recent years, and smiling towards a bright future having one of the fastest-growing economies on African soil. Compared to other East African countries, Rwanda holidays offer something entirely different, whether relaxing on the mainland beaches of Lake Kivu, tracking mountain gorillas in the Volcanoes, exploring the Albertine’s Rift, photographing the BIG 5 at the Akagera National Park, or searching high and low for the chimpanzees of Nyungwe Forest, or relaxing on the savannah plains of Akagera National Park

Kisumu City Excursions & Safaris
Kisumu City Excursions & Safaris

In Kenya, wildlife viewing remains the most popular activity for first time visitors and Kisumu, Kenya’s only lakeside city isn’t an exception when it comes to showing what Kenya has to offer. Minutes away from the city, is the Kisumu Impala Sanctuary, and as per its name, it hosts herds of impalas,, and over 200 species of birds. There are also other animals including lions, zebras, cheetahs, buffaloes, baboons, hyenas, leopards, jackals, Duikers and Bush Bucks. Kisumu is a thriving city, and though it was declared a city, it remains a pleasantly laid-back place with a number of interesting sights and activities nearby.

Explore Western Kenya

The least-visited Western Kenya is home to rolling tea plantations, lush swamps, and equatorial forests, along with Mount Elgon, Kenya’s second-highest peak and Lake Victoria the largest water body in Africa. However, the ultimate highlight is the Masai Mara a natural continuation of the famous Serengeti Plains undulating grassland, dramatic escarpments, beautiful acacia forests – and the greatest wildlife show on earth. Discover Western Kenya with Oluokos Signature.

Masai Mara Safari

From the calmness and its welcoming atmosphere to its sunsets over the world’s second-largest water body. Continue to the Masai Mara Game Reserve, Kenya’s finest and most outstanding wildlife sanctuary where gentle rolling grassland ensures animals are never out of sight. The climate is gentle, rarely too hot, and well-spread rainfall year-round. Talk with our Africa holiday experts or read more about discovering the Masai Mara from Western Kenya especially if you are in Kisumu or in other nearby towns.

Masai Mara Safaris
Discover Kakamega Forest

Kakamega Forest, is a jungle-like no other and an epicenter of significant ecological interest since it is a relic of the equatorial rainforest which once spread from West Africa to the East African coast. Though it lies somewhat off the main tourist trail, Kakamega is increasingly becoming a popular destination for butterfly lovers, birdwatchers and other specialists looking for species more normally associated with central and West Africa. You could take some time to also learn about the Luhya people.

Kakamega Forest Safaris

At Oluokos Signature, we maintain our pages to keep them as informative and current as possible. However, we encourage you get in touch with us directly, by email or telephone. The travel and tourism sector is constantly changing and the excellent deals we get from our suppliers vary from week to week, which means your best source of information and recommendations will always be from our designers experts.

However, for those looking to do a bit of their own research before getting in touch, we are delighted to launch our new safari call me service. You can book for an appointment with us here and let us know when we can have a virtual meeting with you.

Planning a last minute African holiday with Oluokos comes with fun. We have the contacts in place to be able to organise anything you like at the top of your list, and in fact if you are able to travel within one to two months of enquiring we can often negotiate better rates for you on top of current special offers.

Weaving one-of-a-kind African private safaris is something we do with passion. We care and do very good listening that results into curating for you and your loved ones everlasting life-changing safari memories. Whether it’s your first time in Africa or those many journeys back, Oluokos Signature team is here for you.

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