Heritage of the Bukusu Forts

Heritage of the Bukusu Forts – 6 Facts to Know the Bukusu or Babukusu are the largest of the 17 houses sub-tribes of the Luhya are today found largely in Western Kenya and Eastern Uganda. Learn all about Bukusu origin, ancestry, clans, traditions and culture. Commonly referred as the Bukusu, the name Babukusu was given to the community by other […]

10 Places for Birding in Nairobi, Kenya

10 Places for Birding in Nairobi, Kenya – Kenya is an ideal destination for birders. The country’s endemic birds are something to behold while the migratory bird species give birdwatchers the chance to observe the birds in their natural habitats. Kenya is certainly a birding location for everyone. Almost 1100 bird species have been recorded in Kenya, […]

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