Alego Kogelo Village Kenya

Alego Kogelo Village Kenya – To date, Kogelo remains to be a famous touristic village since the election of the 44th and First African-American President of the USA. Visitors still come to  Kogelo Village to witness the birth place of the father of the American president who happens to be a Luo by tribe. The […]

Last Frontier in Kenya

Last Frontier in Kenya – To many, Malaba seem to be a small town in Kenya that can be explored easily within a day. However, we would like to recommend that you consider taking a few days around. Oluokos Signature will help you weave so cool experiential excursions for a day or two.   Malaba […]

6 Reasons Why Birdwatching is Important

6 Reasons Why Birdwatching is Important – Our feathered friends are part of us in so many ways! This has continued for a very long time in history. For many personal, societal and conservation reasons birdwatching provides huge amounts of benefits conservationists, birdwatching safari companies and researchers in general.    For birders, Africa remains to […]

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