Heritage of the Bukusu Forts

Heritage of the Bukusu Forts – 6 Facts to Know the Bukusu or Babukusu are the largest of the 17 houses sub-tribes of the Luhya are today found largely in Western Kenya and Eastern Uganda. Learn all about Bukusu origin, ancestry, clans, traditions and culture. Commonly referred as the Bukusu, the name Babukusu was given to the community by other […]

Facts About the Great Migration

Facts About the Great Migration – Guided by the instinct to survive, the smell of rain and sound of thunder spur millions of gnus forward. This is a perilous journey beset in deep uncertainty. About 2 million animals following the rains, on a death defying, 3 000 km odyssey, making the trek with two things […]

Alego Kogelo Village Kenya

Alego Kogelo Village Kenya – To date, Kogelo remains to be a famous touristic village since the election of the 44th and First African-American President of the USA. Visitors still come to  Kogelo Village to witness the birth place of the father of the American president who happens to be a Luo by tribe. The […]

Last Frontier in Kenya

Last Frontier in Kenya – To many, Malaba seem to be a small town in Kenya that can be explored easily within a day. However, we would like to recommend that you consider taking a few days around. Oluokos Signature will help you weave so cool experiential excursions for a day or two.   Malaba […]

Birding in Western Kenya

Birding in Western Kenya – The little visited Western Kenya is host to about two thirds of the 1,134 bird species found in Kenya. It stretches from Maasai Mara in the South, bordering Tanzania, to Mount. Elgon National Park in the North, bordering Uganda. Western Kenya protects the world’s greatest and most spectacular wildlife migration […]

Top 5 Places for Birding in Kisumu

Top 5 Places for Birding in Kisumu – Lake Victoria, Kisumu, Winam Gulf, Ahero Rice Paddies and Dunga Bay are somewhat off the normal safari itineraries that are offered by Kenya safari companies. Western Kenya circuit in our opinion is well worth a visit for any serious birders and curious tourist out there. We recommend that […]

5 Reasons Why Explore Lake Victoria

5 Reasons Why Explore Lake Victoria – The big question here; is a boat cruise on Lake Victoria worth the money and my time? Yes Lake Victoria is an ideal destination not only for your business travels for equally for your leisure requirements. Lake Victoria is the second biggest lake in Kenya after Lake Turkana.  The […]

10 Points to Know About Safari Rally Kenya

10 Points to Know About Safari Rally Kenya – In Kenya, ask anyone above the age of 40 years what his or her favorite childhood memory was and the Safari Rally subject will begin. By then, the country would be united over the Easter festivity period as heroes and legends were born during the tough cross-country race. […]

Top 34 Reasons For A Vacation To Kenya

Top 34 Reasons for a Vacation to Kenya – Well dubbed that the concept of the safari holiday experience started in Kenya. This could be true remembering that even the word ‘safari’ itself even stems from the Swahili dialect for ‘journey’ that is well known from the East African Coast. With all these in mind, Kenya safari […]

Kenya Birdwatching Safari – 10 Facts to Know

Kenya Birdwatching Safari 10 Facts to Know – Kenya is a birders’ magnet. From the flamboyant conglomeration of pink flamingos whose massing makes for surreal photographs. Bird watching safari in Kenya remains one of the natural spectacles in the world. From the dull and drub finch to the beautiful sunbird and from the mythical Hamerkop […]

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