Facts About the Great Migration

Facts About the Great Migration – Guided by the instinct to survive, the smell of rain and sound of thunder spur millions of gnus forward. This is a perilous journey beset in deep uncertainty. About 2 million animals following the rains, on a death defying, 3 000 km odyssey, making the trek with two things […]

Alego Kogelo Village Kenya

Alego Kogelo Village Kenya – To date, Kogelo remains to be a famous touristic village since the election of the 44th and First African-American President of the USA. Visitors still come to  Kogelo Village to witness the birth place of the father of the American president who happens to be a Luo by tribe. The […]

Last Frontier in Kenya

Last Frontier in Kenya – To many, Malaba seem to be a small town in Kenya that can be explored easily within a day. However, we would like to recommend that you consider taking a few days around. Oluokos Signature will help you weave so cool experiential excursions for a day or two.   Malaba […]

Western Kenya – 12 Reasons Why You Must Visit

Western Kenya Getway to Masai Mara

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