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Masai Mara National Reserve, Kenya
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About this tour

The Maasai Mara Luxury Safari – Situated in southwestern Kenya, the Maasai Mara is renowned for its breathtaking landscapes and diverse wildlife. A safari to this iconic destination promises an unforgettable adventure into the heart of the African wilderness. Visitors have the opportunity to witness the Great Migration, a spectacular natural phenomenon where millions of wildebeest, zebras, and gazelles traverse the plains of the Serengeti National Park into the Maasai Mara National Reserve in search of fresh pasture and water.

Apart from this awe-inspiring sights and sounds of nature, the Maasai Mara offers encounters with an array of wildlife, including the Big Five (lion, elephant, buffalo, leopard, and rhinoceros), as well as cheetahs, giraffes, hyenas, and numerous bird species. The sprawling savannah, dappled with balanite trees and winding rivers that wash the forested banks, sets the stage for game drives that provide close-up views of these majestic creatures in their natural habitat.

For an authentic cultural experience, visitors can engage with the indigenous iconic Maasai people. For ages, the Maasai have coexisted reasonably well with the wildlife and it’s this great combination that contributes to their rich heritage and vibrant traditions. Immerse yourself in their way of life, characterized by distinctive red attire, traditional dances, and intriguing stories passed down through generations.

Overall, a Maasai Mara safari promises an enchanting blend of wildlife encounters, stunning landscapes, and cultural immersion, making it a must-visit destination for nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers alike.

We will stay at the small and uniquely sweet Kandili Camp located in the heart of Masai Mara in a 200-hectare Leopard Gorge Conservancy. The camp offers spectacular views of the Oloololo escarpment and the plains of the Maasai Mara National Reserve, one of the most beautiful natural wonders of the world. 

Kandili Camp is the only camp located within this conservancy area, offering a protected site filled with wildlife that can be enjoyed on a game drive or whilst out on a walking safari, in total privacy.

There are 6 luxury tents and 2 suite tents all with en-suite bathrooms and decorated with warm colors in a modern African style. Each suite has a spacious bedroom, a spacious living room with a seating area and library, a large terrace where you can enjoy private lunches and dinners, and an outside bonfire.

The Leopard Gorge is a unique location where the well-known BBC TV series Big Cats, as well as beautiful panoramic scenes from Out of Africa, filmed here. The Conservancy was born with the aim of protecting and preserving this unique ecosystem honoring the spirit of Maasai Mara. Does these sound exciting?

Sustainable Travel Companies - #GoBetterWithOluokos

At Oluokos Signature, we work responsibly hard to weave luxury experiences that improve life for the people and places we visit and takes care of the planet we explore and also call home. You can read more about our sustainable travel ethos and practice at Oluokos Signature. Please, click here, to find out about sustainability.


Learn how booking this safari will help to improve lives of the local communities.

  • We use local guides, meaning that our guests will remain well informed about local traditions, the inner secrets of wildlife, and cultural and social interactions.
  • Commerce – This trip brings income and opportunity to the host community through the inclusion of locally owned accommodation and restaurants, the emphasis on eating locally/organically produced food and support of other local enterprise.
  • Our suppliers are trustees of the local conservation trust, which runs several community initiatives which our guests are welcome to visit as an optional extra excursion. These include schools where classrooms have been built, teachers and students have been sponsored and thousands of material and monetary donations have been made.
  • Local community healthcare is also supported by the trust, who have been helping the clinic for several years now. Donations that have been made in the past include medicine, medical books, maternity and dental wards, water pump and tanks, upgrading of the existing solar system, medical training seminars and much more.


How this trip helps protect and conserve local landscapes and nature.

  • Read about our commitment to nature protection and restoration here, including our rewilding commitment for every customer who books or travels with Oluokos Signature.
  • By limiting our luxury safaris to small group, led by a local guide, we operate responsibly and ‘tread lightly’. This allows us to minimize our impact on local natural resources and the environment.
  • During our game drives, in the Masai Mara Conservancies where there are strict rules on over-crowding.
  • We also adhere to the Masai Mara National Reserve rules where we maintain our game drives on the designated tracks and not participating in mobbing or crowding wildlife at any time.
  • We’re a signatory to the One Planet network which is a global community of practitioners, policymakers and experts, including governments, businesses, civil society, academia and international organizations, that implements the 10-Year Framework of Programmes on Sustainable Consumption and Production and works towards achieving SDG 12: ensuring sustainable patterns of consumption and production.
  • We work with our partners on the ground to proactively eliminate or reduce waste, for example eliminating all single-use plastic water bottles and other plastics materials. At Oluokos Signature, we provide reusable water bottles to all our guests.
  • We operate a strict ‘leave no trace’ policy that includes separating waste immediately and returning it to the right point for proper disposal.


How we seek to keep the carbon footprint of this luxury safari to its minimum.

  • Read about our climate action here, including our carbon reduction and compensation commitments.
  • We prefer smaller, locally run accommodation facilities that have a much smaller impact on the surrounding environments.
  • Most meals use local ingredients, which have not been transported for long distances.

Find more tips for going sustainably on this safari

  • Here are a few extra steps you could take to minimize your impact when o this holiday with Oluokos Signature.
  • Leave no trace: We do all we can to ensure we leave no rubbish behind in the wild and beautiful places we visit; we ask that you support us by doing the same. If there are no recycling facilities in our remote destinations, we’d ask you to consider bringing recyclable materials back to Nairobi with you so that we may channel them to the right handler.
  • Plastic waste reduction: Please bring your own re-usable water bottle on this trip; alternatively, Oluokos Signature will provide every guest with a re-usable water bottle, filtered water will be provided where tap water is not drinkable.


  • With a stay in a private conservancy in the world renowned Masai Mara National Reserve, you will enjoy a thrilling wildlife safari away from the crowds.
  • Have the best dining experience out on a private under a star-studded African sky while listening to the distance sounds of wildlife or the Masai dancers.
  • Treat yourself to a pre-sunup hot air balloon safari for the ultimate bird's eye view game spotting experience and scan the savannah for towering giraffes and a harem of zebras.
  • Enjoy the exhilarating cultural interaction with the nomadic Masai community


  • Conservation fees
  • Experienced safari guide
  • VAT and other related taxes
  • All accommodation including all meals
  • Private transport in a 4x4 Landcruiser vehicle
  • Private day and night game drives in a 4x4 Landcruiser vehicle
  • Full support from Oluokos Signature and concierge before, during and after your trip
  • Tips and gratuities
  • Additional Services
  • Items of a personal nature
  • All meals and drinks not specified
  • Arrival and departure taxes at the airport
  • International and internal flights and transfers
  • We strongly advise all guests purchase comprehensive travel insurance


Oluokos Signature representative will meet you upon your arrival and assist you with a transfer to the hotel marking the beginning of your safari with a night in Kenya's capital, Nairobi.

If your time permits, you could consider exploring the city. Nairobi has a handful of intriguing attractions to discover. Otherwise, simply unwind after your long flight and make sure you completely rest before heading to the Masai Mara tomorrow.

Meal Plan: (D,B) Sankara Nairobi

This morning you'll meet up with your guide and head off to the Maasai Mara. We will arrive here in good time for lunch then head into the Leopard Gorge Conservancy for game viewing.

Best wildlife sighting locations will be determined by your expert guide as they have an intimate understanding of the daily routines of animals and how best to track them.

On this afternoon excursion, visit several wildlife hot-spots with an aim to spot the elusive animals such as the leopard. These spotted cats blend almost seamlessly into the tall grass and shrubbery, and are even more challenging to spot when in their favorite hangout, the sausage trees. Exploring the region, we will take investigate nearby watering holes where on a good hot day, you’ll spot many birds and mammals, including the serval cat. After a thrilling afternoon game drive, you will return to your lodge in time to freshen up for a delicious safari dinner.

Meal Plan: (L, D)

Accommodation: Mara Kandili Camp

Just like the wildlife, your day will begin early this morning. We will set out for the day’s second game drive and discover the astounding bio-diversity of the premier Maasai Mara National Reserve. To be ticked on our wildlife list will be, the most recognized animals are known worldwide as the African Big 5, and this group includes the African elephant, Cape buffalo, rhinoceros, leopard, and the king of the beasts, the lion.

The famous big-game hunters first coined the term “Big 5” for some good reason. This was as a way to acknowledge that these species were the most difficult and dangerous to track and bring down. Thankfully, in subsequent years the term has been re-purposed by the conservation-mindful tourism players who have now shifted their focus towards the conservation of both flora and fauna.  Alongside the Big 5, other tremendous species of birds and wildlife also inhabit this dynamic ecosystem. The list could be as long as from the hyenas, gazelles, impalas, giraffes, zebras, and the eland and with birds ranging from vultures, bustards, eagles, starlings, falcons, sunbirds and ostriches, many of which are easily spotted during our game drive through the Maasai Mara.

After an enjoyable picinic lunch, we will continue with the afternoon game drive givng us an opportunuty to venture further afield. The choice is up to you! Ether get adventurous in search of the most difficult to spot wildlife or take it easy and expand, your scope to discover some of the regions lesser understood wildlife that are easily found all over the Mara.

Meal Plan: (B, L, D)

Accommodation: Kandili Mara Camp

Depart the Maasai Mara National Reserve after breakfast with your guide and travel to Nairobi. On your way, your journey will be punctuated with short stop overs for the washroom, refreshments and souvenirs along the way. The drive will take approximately 5 hours.

We will enjoy our last stopover at the Great Rift Valley viewpoint. This will grant you the opportunity to use the washroom and also to explore the local curio shops. Enjoy the moment and interact with the local vendors in search for the perfect handicraft or souvenir for yourself or your loved ones. 

If you so desire, reservations for dinner at a local restaurant can also be arranged. Please speak to your Experience Designer Expert in order to make dining reservations, and also be sure to mention any dietary restrictions or preferences.

Meal Plan: (B)

Accommodation: No - End of your safari.

Frequently asked questions

In addition to your suitcase, which gets stored separately on the vehicle, you can bring one piece of carry-on bag onto the vehicle with you. This must be small enough to fit either under your seat or on your lap.

Please note that Eastern and Central Africa, our safari vehicles cannot accommodate regular luggage dimensions and weights. We kindly ask our guests to travel with a soft-sided bag or medium-sized daypacks. There are a number of things you may wish to bring on the vehicle with you, including a travel pillow, something to read, sunglasses, your phone, headphones if you'd like to listen to music, etc. Please, learn more on Africa Travel Tips section.

Every itinerary created by Oluokos is based on your specifications and personal taste. With the in depth knowledge of our Experience Designers’ first-hand, local creativity they make sure every little detail is taken care of, while you get to enjoy a personalized safari experience to Kenya.
To answer your question, the number of guests on your tour will be only you and your loved ones. We handle every booking privately and at Oluokos, we strictly adhere to the no mixing group’s policy. Our safari vehicles have a maximum capacity for six guests. The beauty of taking our privately guided tour is that you'll get to enjoy the best that Africa has to offer to you and your group privately.

Airport transfers are included in the price of this tour. Please, let us have you flight details in advance for the purpose of good planning.  In this case Oluokos Signature representative will be at the airport to greet you. To arrange this please contact our customer service team once you have a confirmed booking.

This information is included in the day-by-day itinerary for your trip under what is included.

We can accommodate vegetarian guests and we will be happy to assist with diabetic, gluten-free and other medically recommended diets. Please advise us at the time of booking your trip with us. Unfortunately, we’re unable to supply meals in accordance with strict religious requirements. For example, we can’t provide salt-free, Halal, requests for specific dietary supplements such as soya milk, and high protein or low-carb meals.

Yes. We want to ensure you get all you want out of your African trip Oluokos Signature. Each itinerary offers the perfect balance of downtime and pure value quality discoveries. We also give you the opportunity to tailor your trip with Optional Experiences by Oluokos. Some of our trips offer a more relaxed pace, with later starts and longer stays in each place for your own enjoyment.

If you would like to exclude yourself from an included experience, please ensure you speak with our Experience Directors, so they are aware of your changes. They will make sure you are aware of any necessary times or meeting points. Please note we cannot provide any compensation or refunds, if you decide not to take part in an included activity or meal.

Oluokos itineraries involve a good blend of driving, walking and enjoying sites from the comfort of your safari vehicle. The activity level and amount of walking can vary, so it is important that you bring adequate footwear to ensure your comfort and safety. Our Experience Designers will advise you appropriately before your trip begins.

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Masai Mara National Reserve, Kenya


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