Top 10 Inspiring Rwanda Destinations

Top 10 Inspiring Kenya Destinations Rwanda, set in the heart of Africa, landlocked Rwanda has gone from strength to strength in recent years, and smiling towards a bright future having one of the fastest-growing economies on African soil. Compared to other East African countries, Rwanda holidays offer something entirely different, whether it be relaxing on […]

Top 17 Inspiring Uganda Destinations

Top 17 Inspiring Uganda Destinations Top 17 Inspiring Uganda Destinations – Although landlocked, the variety of natural diversity that Uganda offers is astonishing when compared to its neighboring, the savannah countries of East Africa; not only does one have access to the majority of the savannah game that you would see in the classical wildlife […]

Top 10 Inspiring Eastern Uganda Destinations

Top 11 Inspiring Eastern Uganda Destinations Eastern Uganda – Thanks to an intoxicating blend of adrenaline adventures and superb scenery, eastern Uganda is a must on any East African journey. Here the mighty Nile begins its epic journey north. White-water rafting the Nile River is the main draw for adventurers seeking a wild ride, but […]

18 Top Inspiring DR Congo Destinations

18 Inspiring DR Congo Destinations The DR Congo Top 18 Reasons Why You Must Visit – Interestingly in the news most of the time for the wrong reasons, DR Congo is known for its breadth of biodiversity and natural richness, which includes the largest area of primary rainforest in Africa. A journey to the heart of DR Congo is […]

Top 24 Kisumu Daytrips and Safaris

Top 24 Kisumu Daytrips and Safaris Kisumu City – This is the third-largest city in Kenya after the capital, Nairobi, and the coastal city of Mombasa. Kisumu is also the only lakeside city by the shores of the world’s largest freshwaters of Lake Victoria.  Being the economic hub of Western Kenya, Kisumu isn’t far from Kogelo, […]

Top 15 Reasons Why Visit Western Kenya

Top 15 Reasons Why Visit Western Kenya Western Kenya – The least-visited Western Kenya is home to rolling tea plantations, lush swamps, and equatorial forests, along with Kenya’s second-highest mountain and the largest lake in Africa. However, the ultimate highlight is the Masai Mara a natural continuation of the famous Serengeti Plains undulating grassland, dramatic escarpments, […]

17 Top Reasons Why Tanzania Safaris

17 Top Reasons Why Tanzania Safaris From the sweeping plains of the Serengeti and the Ngorongoro Crater in the north, Tanzania retains its combined charm of the wilderness and idyllic coastal beaches.  Tanzania, home to Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest mountain that needs no introduction, and looms proudly with brightly snow-capped peaks. The alluring spice island […]

Top 15 Inspiring Kenya Destinations

Top 15 Inspiring Kenya Destinations Well dubbed that the concept of the safari holiday experience started in Kenya. This could be true remembering that even the word ‘safari’ itself even stems from the Swahili dialect for ‘journey’. With all these in mind, Kenya safari holidays are no traditional journeys, with wildlife roaming its open plains […]

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