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Ruma National Park, Ruma, Kenya
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Ruma National Park Daytrip – 10 Hours – Beyond the beauty of Lake Victoria, the lake region tribes and the islands, lies the hidden gem of Ruma National Park.

This is Western Kenya’s only terrestrial park with promises of undiscovered wildlife treasures and undisturbed peace.

Ruma, is the only sanctuary for the endangered Roan Antelopes in Kenya. While its birdlife is prolific, it plays a vital role in the survival of the globally threatened Blue Swallow and a bunch of other bird species that are unique to Western Kenya.

According to the Kenya Wildlife Service, Blue swallows, which depend on moist grassland to feed and roost, arrive in Kenya from their breeding grounds in South Africa around April and return in September.

Leaving the lakeside city of Kisumu at dawn, we will drive through Homa Bay then to Ruma Park entering through the Kamato gate. We will then proceed for a game drive in search of the Big 3 members here namely, Black and White Rhino, Buffalo and the Leopard. This park was established as Lambwe Valley game reserve in 1966 to protect its indigenous population of rare Roan antelope which exist nowhere else in Kenya.

The park acquired national the park status in 1993 and renamed Ruma National Park on the request of the local community in honor of one of the most powerful Kenya’s wizards, the much-feared Gor Mahia.  

Gor Mahia was living high on a hill which now forms part of the Kanyamwa escarpment, from where he could watch over all people because his magic was so powerful that he controlled not only South Nyanza, but far beyond.

The classic image of Eastern Africa wildlife safari can be realized in Ruma National Park, a land of rolling savannah dotted with picturesque acacias and balanites and backed by dramatic hills, intriguing volcanic plugs and the towering escarpments.

Due to its compact in size, the park is easily traversed by the numerous routes if the conditions of the roads and the weather permit. The parks terrain offers some of the best mosaic riverine woodland, golden rolling savannah and breath-taking landscapes.

Situated away from the traditional tourists’ routes, Ruma remains on off beaten tracks that are relatively infrequently visited. For this reason, the park is known for its tranquility and the solitary enjoyment of the wilderness where man goes back to nature.

On its flat floor, the seasonal waters of the Lambwe River ensures that the park’s inhabitants have some water and its’ in these same sector of the park where its easy to spot the elusive leopard.

Standing like sentinels, the park is bordered to the South East by the breath taking Kanyamwa escarpment and to the North by the dramatic volcanic plugs of the beautiful Ruri hills.

Besides roan, other rarities like Bohor’s reedbuck, Jackson’s hartebeest, the tiny oribi antelope and Kenya’s largest concentration of the endangered Rothschild’s giraffe can also be seen at Ruma.

However, the most treasured residents are some rhinos, both black and white, that have been translocated to Ruma from Mugie Conservancy and other parks.

Apart from the Roan antelope which has a sanctuary here, we have also plenty of Cape Buffalo, the Common Waterbuck, the Aardvark, the Honey Badger, the African Civet, Serval Cat, Genet Cat, Topi, Impala, Vervet Monkey, Olive Baboon, the Burchell’s Zebra, Oribi, Spotted Hyena and  other wild animals are to be seen.

Sustainable Daytrips - #GoBetterWithOluokos

At Oluokos Signature, we work responsibly hard to weave luxury experiences that improve life for the people and places we visit and takes care of the planet we explore and also call home. You can read more about our sustainable travel ethos and practice at Oluokos Signature. Please, click here, to find out about sustainability.


Learn how booking this daytrip will help to improve lives of the local communities.

  • We use local guides, meaning that our guests will remain well informed about local traditions, the inner secrets of wildlife, and cultural and social interactions.
  • Commerce – This daytrip brings income and opportunity to the host community through the inclusion of locally owned restaurants, the emphasis on eating locally/organically produced food and support of other local enterprise.


How this trip helps protect and conserve local landscapes and nature.

  • Read about our commitment to nature protection and restoration here, including our rewilding commitment for every customer who books or travels with Oluokos Signature.
  • By limiting our luxury daytrips and safaris to small groups, led by a local guide, we operate responsibly and ‘tread lightly’. This allows us to minimize our impact on local natural resources and the environment.
  • We also adhere to the national parks, reserve and other wildlife conservancies rules where we maintain our daytrips on the designated tracks and not participating in mobbing or crowding wildlife at any time.
  • We’re a signatory to the One Planet network which is a global community of practitioners, policymakers and experts, including governments, businesses, civil society, academia and international organizations, that implements the 10-Year Framework of Programmes on Sustainable Consumption and Production and works towards achieving SDG 12: ensuring sustainable patterns of consumption and production.
  • We work with our partners on the ground to proactively eliminate or reduce waste, for example eliminating all single-use plastic water bottles and other plastics materials. At Oluokos Signature, we provide reusable water bottles to all our guests.
  • We operate a strict ‘leave no trace’ policy that includes separating waste immediately and returning it to the right point for proper disposal.


How we seek to keep the carbon footprint of this luxury safari to its minimum.

  • Read about our climate action here, including our carbon reduction and compensation commitments.
  • We prefer smaller, locally run accommodation facilities that have a much smaller impact on the surrounding environments.
  • Most meals use local ingredients, which have not been transported for long distances.

Find more tips for going sustainably on this safari

  • Here are a few extra steps you could take to minimize your impact when on this daytrip with Oluokos Signature.
  • Leave no trace: We do all we can to ensure we leave no rubbish behind in the wild and beautiful places we visit; we ask that you support us by doing the same. If there are no recycling facilities in our remote destinations, we’d ask you to consider bringing recyclable materials back to Nairobi with you so that we may channel them to the right handler.
  • Plastic waste reduction: Please bring your own re-usable water bottle on this trip; alternatively, Oluokos Signature will provide every guest with a re-usable water bottle, filtered water will be provided where tap water is not drinkable.


  • Drive through the beautiful countryside from the lakeside cityof Kisumu to Ruma National Park.
  • Enjoy an informative and a rich experience wildlife safari like no other in Western Kenya.
  • An exclusive momemnt with with wildlife in Western Kenya's only terrestrial park.
  • Wildlife photography and bird watching in one of the most breath-taking national parks in Kenya.
  • Enjoy the mouth-watering picnic lunch in the park or have it served from a hotel in Homa Bay.


  • Conservation fees
  • Experienced safari guide
  • Hot lunch at a local hotel
  • VAT and other related taxes
  • Services of experienced community guides
  • Private transport in a 4x4 Landcruiser vehicle
  • Full support from Oluokos Signature and concierge before, during and after your trip
  • Tips and gratuities
  • Additional Services
  • Items of a personal nature
  • All meals and drinks not specified
  • Arrival and departure taxes at the airport
  • International and internal flights and transfers
  • We strongly advise all guests purchase comprehensive travel insurance


0500 Hours: Drive to Ruma National Park

Depart from Kisumu after early breakfast by road passing through Kendu Bay and Homa Bay town to Ruma National Park through Kamato gate. On our way, we’ll see typical Luo homesteads and also their farms and livestock.

0800 Hours: Ruma National Park

Once in the park we’ll have an extensive game drive in search of the BIG 3. Ruma lies on the flat floor of the seasonally watered Lambwe River valley. The terrain is mainly rolling grassland, with tracts of open woodland thickets.  On your game drive if we’re lucky, we’ll see Africa’s rarest antelope called the Roan Antelope.

They live in herds of up to 20 members, led by a bull. You will also be lucky to see the Oribi antelope, which lives in small groups or pairs.  Other animals to look out for include Black and White rhinos, leopards, Cape Buffalo, Spotted  hyenas, Rothschild’s giraffes, Jackson hartebeest. The park is the only protected area in Kenya where the globally threatened Blue Swallow has been recorded. 

1300 Hours: Last gamedrive and lunch

We’ll continue exploring the park and its inhabitants on our to the Twiga circuit right in the middle of the park. We’ll enjoy our last game drive in the park on our way  out through the imposing volcanic plugs in northern sector of the park.

1430 Hours: Travel back to Kisumu City

From Ruma, we will drive to the lakeside town of Homa bay for hot luch before driving back to Kisumu with a stop-over at the Ahero rice fields where if the timing and the season permits, we will learn more about rice farming and processing and also do some bird watching especially if the migrant bird species happen to be in the country. Our arrival in Kisumu will be in the evening to mark the end of our day trip to Ruma National Park.

Frequently asked questions

This activity will begin in Kisumu, Kenya's only lakeside city. For the sake of your enjoyment and getting pure value for your money, this activity begins at 0500 hours. It is followed by 3 hours drive to Ruma National Park and time may vary depending othe traffic flow on the roads.

The activity will end in the evening not later than 1800 hours in Kisumu city. On request, we will be happy to tranfer you back to your hotel of residence within a radius of 15 km in Kisumu city.   

You can bring one piece of carry-on bag onto the vehicle with you. This must be small enough to fit either under your seat or on your lap.

Airport transfers are not included in the price of our daytrtrip activities, however you can book for an arrival or departure transfer in advance with our office. In this case representative will be at the airport to greet or see you off. To arrange this please contact our customer service team once you have a confirmed booking.

Every itinerary created by Oluokos is based on your specifications and personal taste. With the in depth knowledge of our Experience Designers’ first-hand, local creativity they make sure every little detail is taken care of, while you get to enjoy a personalized safari experience to Kenya.

To answer your question, the number of guests on your daytrip will be only you and your loved ones. We handle every booking privately and at Oluokos, we strictly adhere to the no mixing group’s policy. Each of our safari vehicles has a maximum capacity for six guests. The beauty of taking our privately guided daytrip is that you'll get to enjoy the best that Africa has to offer to you and your group privately.

We can accommodate vegetarian guests and we will be happy to assist with diabetic, gluten-free and other medically recommended diets. Please advise us at the time of booking your daytrip with us. Unfortunately, we’re unable to supply meals in accordance with strict religious requirements. For example, we can’t provide salt-free, Halal, requests for specific dietary supplements such as soya milk, and high protein or low-carb meals.

Oluokos itineraries involve a good blend of driving, walking and enjoying sites from the comfort of your safari vehicle. The activity level and amount of walking can vary, so it is important that you bring adequate footwear to ensure your comfort and safety. Our Experience Designers will advise you appropriately before your daytrip begins.

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Ruma National Park, Ruma, Kenya


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