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Exploring Kisumu City,
Beyond the Lake

The main reason for visiting Kenya is course, its abundant wildlife. For this very reason, a visit to  Western Kenya and in particular Kisumu city both offer amazing safari holiday options not only to the seasoned travelers but also for the first timers equally.  Wildlife safaris in Kenya yields perhaps much better than any other country on the continent with the sheer variety and numbers of animals that can be seen on any single visitation.

The premier Maasai Mara, home to of the best big cat sightings on earth, as well as the herds of the Great Migration that call Maasai Mara plains their home in the months of July and October takes the plaudits. Alongside the wildlife, you will be able to experience personal encounters with the iconic Masai tribe who for ages have coexisted peacefully with the wildlife.  

Explore the splendid land of Samburu in northern Kenya for the unique species of Samburu. Encounter the mighty Tuskers of the Amboseli back dropped by the picturesque Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest mountain.

Rhino and conservation enthusiasts should head north to Laikipia, more specifically the Borana and Lewa Conservancies, which are home to some incredible rhino conservation, projects, as well as a huge variety of other wildlife.

Wherever you choose to go and whatever animals are top of your list, you will be accompanied by amazing and very knowledgeable safari guides who will really do their best to bring your safari experience to life.

Luxury Safari Options Within & Beyond Kisumu

#1. Safari to Ruma National Park

Beyond the beauty of Lake Victoria, the colorful tribes and the islands, lies the hidden gem of Ruma National Park – Beyond the beauty of Lake Victoria, the lake region tribes and the islands, lies the hidden gem of Ruma National Park. This is Western Kenya’s only terrestrial park  with promises of undiscovered wildlife treasures and undisturbed peace.

Ruma, is the only sanctuary for the endangered Roan Antelopes in Kenya. While its birdlife is prolific, it plays a vital role in the survival of the globally threatened Blue Swallow and also a bunch of other bird species that are unique to western Kenya.

According to the Kenya Wildlife Service, Blue swallows, which depend on moist grassland to feed and roost, arrive in Kenya from their breeding grounds in South Africa around April and return in September.

Experience our luxury safari’s in Kenya from Kisumu city. The Maasai Mara, teeming with prodigious wildlife, taking a luxury Kenya safari to the Maasai Mara, you’ll have the opportunity to see giraffes, leopards, hyenas, cheetahs, zebras, warthogs and ‘the big five’.

Your luxury safari holiday in Kenya from Kisumu must include a visit to the vast plains of the Maasai Mara – home to the annual Great Migration, where an estimated 2-million wildebeest and zebras follow greener pastures in one of nature’s most awe-inspiring phenomena. After taking in richly biodiverse wildlife and ecosystems, breathtaking natural landmarks and numinous ancient cultures.

Take this opportunity and de-stress at our choice of luxury accommodation.  Set amongst the forest at the foot of the scenic Oloololo escarpment, which is the rim of the Great Rift Valley in Kenya’s Maasai Mara National Reserve, is the classic and elegant Bateleur Camp.

From this location, experience the reserve’s astounding year-round wildlife concentration including the seasonal Great Wildebeest Migration, guests can have an unsurpassed wildlife experience further afield. Our guests here can almost exclusively explore this area on endless possibilities, be it on game drives, balloon safaris or on foot, while enjoying access to pristine African outdoor dining spots.

The Bateleur is comprised of only two intimate camps of nine Luxury Tents each and a Luxury Family Tent. Each comes with its own private butler and housekeeper reflecting the ambiance and glamour of Kenyan explorers of old days but without losing touch with modern luxury expectations.

Slip into a world of hardwood floors, polished silver and copper bathtubs juxtaposed against the romance of the open Mara plains, with their abundant herds of wildlife. Beautifully handcrafted artefacts, fine antiques, leather buttoned Chesterfield sofas, books, and crystal and candlelight adorn the comfortable sitting and dining areas.

Refreshing lap pools in each camp provide cool comfort in between captivating game drives. Delectable cuisine is served in a memorable alfresco setting beneath the star-studded African bush that also offers tantalizing breakfasts and romantic sundowners.  Sample the best Africa luxury safari adventures at Bateleur Camp where two game drives a day or a full day game drive will bring you closer to the big game and other wildlife while spotlit night drives will open to you the nocturnal lives of wildlife. Beyond chic accommodation and great cuisine experiences, the camp also offers a range of additional activities such as guided bush walks, hot air balloon safaris, community excursions to the Maasai homes, and a well- equipped gym and wellness treatments in their outstanding massage sala.

#2. Maasai Mara
Luxury Safari

#3. Kakamega
Forest Luxury Safari

Kakamega Forest stands as one of the few remaining ancient rainforests in Kenya, boasting an exceptional diversity of birdlife. Formerly a part of the expansive Guineo-Congolian forest that once blanketed Central Africa, Kakamega Forest retains its magnificence, offering a glimpse into the past.

Within its borders, you will find treasures to awaken the mind and fill the heart. You will see birds that do not exist anywhere else in Kenya, mysterious primates, and rare forest-dwelling mammals while walking deep in the forest trails that seem carved from another century.

Apart from birds, other inhabitants of the forest are several mammal species, including the Bush Pig, Giant Forest Hedgehog, Colobus Monkey, Debrazza Monkey, Red-tailed Monkey, and Pottos. For birdwatchers, Kakamega Forest is renowned primarily for its stunning birdlife with the Blue-headed Bee-eater, Great Blue Turaco, Ross’s Turaco, Turner’s Eremomela, and the endangered Grey Parrot being the most sought-after. If you’re coming to Kenya or already in the country, we would strongly recommend a daytrip birding tour to this jewel of nature.

For the curious eco tourists, a luxury safari to the Kakamega Forest Retreat is highly recommended and our best luxury and jungle experience doesn’t come at its best better than at the Rondo Retreat. Tucked deep in the Kakamega Forest. The tranquil homestead designed as a place of retreat and relaxation and has evolved over time from a youth centre, to an orphanage and even the setting for the film ‘Kitchen Toto’.

Within the retreat, the peaceful gardens are alive with different species of birds, butterflies flickering about. It offers an opportunity to those interested in hobbies such as a butterfly collection, beetle collector, and frog enthusiasts, spider hunters or bird watchers. At night you will be treated to the beautiful African Symphony.

The homestead’s main house made of clapboard, charming English chintzes and soft furnishings exude an air of warmth and comfort from a bygone colonial era. In addition, there are five cottages in the same old style, whose proximity to the forest makes for ideal accommodation that comes with serenity.

There are fifteen en-suite double rooms within the retreat centre and three more double rooms that share a bathroom in the main house. The uniqueness of Rondo is that no two rooms are designed or furnished in the same way. The bedrooms, sitting rooms and dining room have all been decorated and furnished with flair using things ‘old and new’ – antique prints and photographs, local paintings, crafts and fabrics. The sitting room is the perfect place for quite reading or after dinner conversation. Rondo isn’t a typical lodge and owing to its strong Christian background, they don’t serve alcohol nor allow smoking. However, there are more reasons why you should visit the forest and consider having a quite holiday at Rondo.

The Great Rift Valley is a continuous geographic trench, which is 6,000 km in length, and runs from Northern Syria in Southwest Asia to Mozambique in East Africa. In this dramatic rift, sit some of the most beautiful lakes in the world. Lake Naivasha is the most famous of the Rift Valley lakes, a lovely stretch of water set in beautiful scenery and surrounded by historic Colonial Era mansions.

During the Colonial Era, the picturesque Lake Naivasha was used as the main airport for the country, an essential stop on the London to Cape flying boat mail service. Aristocratic settlers built fabulous mansions here, becoming the infamously debauched ‘Happy Valley Set’, since been immortalized by Hollywood.

Our best pick for Lake Naivasha where wild animals roam free on the farm and in the evening’s hippo munch quietly by the waterside. Welcome to Loldia House, one of Kenya’s oldest colonial homesteads, is situated on a private farm covering 6,500 acres on the shores of Lake Naivasha. It is a perfect place to relax and begin your exciting luxury safari holiday around Kenya, whilst immersing yourself in the atmosphere of yesteryear memories.

Loldia House accommodation is comprised of nine en-suite bedrooms, either in the old family home or in cottages in the grounds. All rooms are furnished in an authentic colonial style. Daily afternoon tea is offered on the terrace, while at dinner time everyone gathers around the table in the dining room to share safari stories.

Adjacent to Loldia House is the Eburu forest, one of the last wild habitats for the endangered Bongo. The property offers visits into the montane forests of Eburu, as a day trip (on foot or in a vehicle) with the option for fly camping overnight! All in order to support the monitoring of a small breeding herd of the elusive and shy Bongo antelope.

From Loldia, guests can explore the farm at Loldia, with a guide, and enjoy the interaction of farming activities and the wild animals. Explore the lakes and mountains of the Great Rift Valley with day and night game drives. You could also take day trips to the nearby Hells Gate National Park, Lake Nakuru and Lake Elementaita, fishing, bird watching, golf and island picnics are all available through the lodge.

#4. Lakes Naivasha in the Great Rift Valley

#5. The Mfangano
Island Lodge Safari

Secluded away on one of the remote corners of Lake Victoria, Mfangano Isalnd Lodge’s cottages have been built in Luo tribal style with stone and mud walls, open sides, thatch roofs and private verandas overlooking the expansive lake.

The lodge is an oasis of tranquility, and an ideal retreat from the busy safari destinations. Mfangano Island Lodge presents luxury and the quite island life where you can enjoy relaxing moments and we recommend this perfect getaway at the end of your Kenyan safari. Your first view is of beautiful tropical gardens set on a secluded bay. Enormous boulders sit at the water’s edge, a perch for the sunbathing cormorants or giant monitor lizards.

With only six double cottages and honeymooners’ suite elegantly by the shoreline, Mfangano Island Lodge’s each room has been built in the Luo tribal style, with banana thatch and natural clay. The rooms are light and airy with four-poster beds, from where you have almost a 360 degree view of Lake Victoria, similar to the dining and lounge area, where you can sit and enjoy the lakeside life as it goes by.

With no road connection to the mainland, vehicles, and transport is via colourful local canoes and scheduled ferries and catamarans thus making the island a perfect place to unwind.

Archeologically, Rusinga Island came to the limelight in 1948 when Louis and Mary Leakey announced the discovery of the Proconsul skull and other 18-million-year-old fossils. Rusinga regularly hosts a team from the American Museum of Natural History who continue this work and give personal guided tours of the sites. The two most rewarding prehistoric sites are located a short walk from Rusinga Island Lodge.

Rusinga Island Lodge is a family friendly Kenya lodge on Rusinga Island on the shores of Lake Victoria. Activities include fishing, watersports, mountain biking, spa, cultural tours and game viewing in Ruma National Park.

What more could a family want than excellent Kenya accommodation, wholesome food and plenty of water sports and activities to keep everyone very happy! Rusinga Island Lodge is a family friendly Kenya lodge in an exotic part of the world.

Rusinga Island Lodge prides itself on its wholesome cuisine. Whatever can be home grown is done so with great care and without the use of chemicals. Fresh fruit and vegetables are collected daily and the breads, pastas and cakes are all home made.

At Rusinga, a Kenya safari lodge, fish dishes are a speciality and meals are served either in the garden under massive fig trees, in the dining area, by the floodlit pool or even on the jetty. The Bush Breakfast at Ruma National Park is a memorable occasion! Enjoy a short boat ride to the Ruma National Park for excellent birding activities.

Rusinga’s Wellness Spa offers a selection of treatments including African Awakening, Kenyan Caress and Mogambo Massage. Activities include fishing, bird watching, biking, hiking and boat trips. Water sports include waterskiing, donutting and knee boarding. Rusinga Island Lodge supports local community projects such as Eddie Thackray Memorial School, Kageno Trust and Kibisom Women’s Group.

#6. Rusinga
Island Lodge Safari

#7. Angama Amboseli
at Kimana Sanctuary & Amboseli National Park

Bringing together 844 Maasai families, Kimana Sanctuary was the first community-owned conservancy in Kenya. With this in mind, all the 10 detached suites have been constructed in gorgeous, contemporary African design and bringing sustainability at its centerpiece.

The suites are a mix of canvas roof with concrete walls – spacious, private, cozy yet still classy for every guest. Amboseli’s natural, earthy colours will welcome you back to the glorious gone days comfort after a long day in the bush. It’s important to mention the views again – all the rooms, indeed the whole camp, have been specifically constructed so you can see the mighty Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest mountain at all times!

Angama Amboseli is an owner-run, super-luxurious property nestled in the heart of the Kimana Sanctuary. The 5,700 hectares in which it’s situated link the great Amboseli National Park, Chyulu Hills, and Tsavo conservation ecosystems. If you’re looking for large herds of elephant set to the backdrop of snow-capped Kili, this would be beautiful luxury safari option.

Angama Amboseli is set in the heart of a fever tree forest, home to thousands of elephants, four of the Big Five, and excellent populations of resident and migratory birds if you fancy bird watching.

Kimana Sanctuary makes an excellent way to start or finish your luxury safari itinerary. You can either choose to weave your holiday experience or to wind down before your fly back home. The good thing about this safari option is that, It can be coupled with its luxurious stunning sister camp, the highly celebrated Angama Mara with some of the most breathtaking views in Africa.

Bringing together 844 Maasai families, Kimana Sanctuary was the first community-owned conservancy in Kenya. With this in mind, all the 10 detached suites have been constructed in gorgeous, contemporary African design and bringing sustainability at its centerpiece.

The suites are a mix of canvas roof with concrete walls – spacious, private, cozy yet still classy for every guest. Amboseli’s natural, earthy colours will welcome you back to the glorious gone days comfort after a long day in the bush. It’s important to mention the views again – all the rooms, indeed the whole camp, have been specifically constructed so you can see the mighty Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest mountain at all times!

Named after the Samburu people, nomadic pastoralists whose traditional attire is among the most vibrant, beautiful and delicate in Africa. Samburu National Reserve is an area of spectacular scenery; its dry plains bisected by the meandering river, with the backdrop of Africa’s dramatic mountains, including Mount Kenya.

The reserve is situated on the northern safari circuit of Kenya alongside Shaba and Buffalo Springs in the remote and less visited northern tourism circuit in the north of Laikipia. However, untouched wilderness, great wildlife densities and luxury safari experiences away from the traditional destinations reward guests to Samburu.

Striking volcanic mountains backdrop the park, and scattered across Samburu’s semi-arid plains between the red dust and shrubbery are large granite rocky outcrops, tall acacias and deep craters.

Meandering through the heart of the reserve is the Ewaso Nyiro River. A green oasis of large doum palms and lush vegetation line the banks, breaking from the otherwise arid ecosystem and is a vital haven for wildlife.

Samburu is home to the rare northern ‘special five’: Grevy zebra, Somali ostrich, Reticulated giraffe, gerenuk, and the Beisa oryx. Large elephant herds, endangered wild dogs and big cats are also found in good numbers here.

Samburu has rich birdlife with over 450 recorded species like the Lesser Kestrel, Vulturine Guinea Fowl, and the fancier Taita falcon.

Let us help you to explore the best luxury safari camps and lodges in the enchanting wilderness of Samburu. Immerse yourself in the untamed beauty of this unique safari destination, where the rugged landscapes are teeming with diverse wildlife. Indulge in luxurious accommodations and experience thrilling game drives, guided walks, and cultural encounters.

From tranquility of the Saruni Samburu with its stunning views and elegant suites to the purposely named Elephant Bedroom Camp nestled along the Ewaso Nyiro River. In Samburu, each facility offers an extraordinary African luxury safari experience.

Whether you’re in Kenya for personal meetings with the communities or seeking close wildlife encounters with elephants, special amazing bird species or spotting rare wildlife species. Samburu luxury isn’t only about the wildlife it’s about enjoying the authenticity of the African bush.

#8. Elephant Bedroom Camp, Samburu National Reserve

#9. Laikipia
Wilderness Safari

The famous village is an exclusive eco-cultural attraction due to its culturally rich biodiversity and diverse papyrus wetland ecosystem and community.

Dunga Beach and Wetlands aim to empower the local community and improve the security of this region through bird watching and other tourism-related income-generating activities.

You can undertake many activities from boating, birdwatching, kayaking, village tour and even fishing. Dunga offers some of the best fish-eating experiences around Kisumu as you enjoy the cool lake breeze.

Out of the lakeshore and the bustling lakeside city life, lies Kenya’s most dramatic cultural site, a vast granite rock tower called Kit Mikaye. The rock, which is about 80 feet tall, is located 30 kilometers to the west of Kisumu city.

While doing the activity we get to learn more about the myth behind Kit Mikaye which in Luo dialect means “the stone of the first wife” is a: Long time ago, there was an old man by the name Ngeso who was in great love with the stone.

To the Luo tribe, the explanation about the rock takes a slightly different twist. The rock’s features and components represent the Luo cultural polygamous family which had the first wife’s house (Mikaye) built further in between on the right-hand side was the second wife’s house (Nyachira) while the third wife’s house (Reru) was built on the left side of the homestead.

#10. Kenya Wildlife & Beach safari

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