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Custom Africa Luxury Safaris – Our joy is when you’re on safari and you bring back positive memories.

Our staff are committed to ensure that you enjoy your customized personal safari from the first day that you do an inquiry with us, during the planning, period, your warm reception at the airport, your indulgence in the safari itself and you departure back home. To give you even more, we maintain the relationship even after your safari by keeping you posted on what’s happening in Africa many years after you have gone through personalized emails and via our blog Luxury Travel News by Oluokos

Customizing your safari experience remain to be our best cup of coffee that’s brewed by us for your own enjoyment. You could call us on phone, email us, and meet us in person, either face to face or virtually, to discuss your unique requirements regarding your upcoming Africa luxury safari.

We’ll listen to you passionately, provide our expertise giving you available luxury safari options, and then weave matching itineraries for you. We leave nothing to chance knowing very well how valuable your holiday is to you.

Best Africa luxury vacations starts with Oluokos Signature

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a tailor-made Safari

Smell the dust, splash through the wet African safari trails, get dirt under your nails, ride a camel, kayak the waters of Africa or raise the adrenaline on a hot air balloon safari. Africa is the right place if going wild is your dose!

Our luxury Africa safaris haven’t left the adventurers behind.  Our action-packed Africa luxury adventures offer exhilarating experiences and gets you up close and personal with Africa’s wildlife. Our luxury safari experts will include some of the best value outdoor activities in some of the enchanting Africa wilderness locations.

Our fully guided activities include bird watching, biking, hiking, walking, boating, horse riding, mobile/fly-in, kayaking, community explorations or fishing expeditions.

If you choose a custom safari, trust Oluokos Signature for the privacy that comes with the flexibility of service delivery while you soak yourself in sheer luxury. Isn’t this the best way to experience Africa?

With our expertise, we’ve weaved responsibly, exciting yet memorable private Custom Experiences for the curious ones, wandering first-timers, connoisseurs, celebrities, old college folks, childhood friends, tightly connected families, and the strictly private ones.

For the Privacy & Exclusivity

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Sheer Luxury

Our selected Africa private luxury tours offer the ultimate luxury holiday experiences in the quintessential African safari destinations. 

Not limited to game drives, our iconic luxury safari itineraries include venturing into the uncrowded host communities private wildlife conservancies, iconic nature reserves and national parks. In brief, names such as Lake Nakuru National Park, Amboseli, Maasai Mara, Laikipia, Samburu, the Chyulu Hills, Lake Manyara, Tsavo, Serengeti, Tarangire, Lake Victoria, Bwindi Forest, River Nile are among the so many incredible highlights of our Africa luxury safaris.

These top destinations make the best spotting locations for the Big Five and the Big Seven game alike.  Witnessing the annual wildebeest migration, and experiencing the romance of Africa’s endless savannah grasslands, verdant Rift Valley lakes, the sun-baked deserts around Lake Turkana, Kenya’s and Tanzania’s coastal strips where the sand kisses the beach, the equatorial rainforest of the Kakamega and without missing to mention the towering peaks on the Mount Kenya and Mount Kilimanjaro respectively.

Our Africa luxury holiday experience designers have travelled throughout our selectected African destinations while at the same time weaving some of the finest luxury tours that feature the best-handpicked safari lodges, highly rated guides, widest options when it comes to the standards of accommodation and an array of wildlife in Africa’s most captivating landscapes.

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Rules Your Day

For the most part, luxury safaris in Africa, the focus will be on game drives as the primary mode of wildlife viewing. Days are typically scheduled around an early morning and an afternoon drive. Sunset is observed with sundowners in-hand—a gin and tonic is the tradition, but you might pick a tipple from a tailgate mini bar—served in a scenic spot.

Depending on your camp or lodge, a gourmet, multi-course dinner can be taken convivially with other guests, privately in your room or al fresco in the bush. After dark, you might gather round an outdoor fire, stargaze, enjoy a night game drive (depending where you are), lay out on a star bed, or simply retreat to your room to rest for the next glorious day on safari.

Activities like hot air ballooning (in the Maasai Mara), guided bush walks, community or conservation project visits, horseback riding, camel safaris, mountain biking, fishing, scenic flights (and so much more) add diversity to the day. Africa has no shortage of luxurious tented safari camps and lodges spanning a diversity of landscapes ranging from open savannah to acacia woodlands, grassland and coastal beaches, and broadleaf forest.

“Out of Africa”, Kenya was one of the first African countries that safari visitors flocked to in the early 20th century. Having a long history of nature-based safari tourism, Kenya, alongside other African countries offer something for everyone.

From the classic, authentic tented camps and chic wildlife, safari lodges that guarantee a great way to experience Africa’s untamed wildlife. With canvassed sides, you will go to sleep with the sounds of the bush around you.

Luxury tented camps and safari lodges in Africa really do contribute to your safari experience. All based on the teamwork synergy. From the informative safari guides, exceptional chefs, dedicated housekeepers, and abled managers of the lodges and safari camps. They will get to know you better, share local knowledge with you, crack your ribs with stories around the campfire each evening, and make sure that you leave Africa with nothing but everlasting memories.

Discover some of the most enchanting accommodation choices and destinations to add to your “wish list” the next time you’re planning for an African luxury safari. 

for money

Keen on African
Custom Luxury Safari?

Custom Africa Luxury Safari
Custom Luxury Africa Safari 4

Oluokos Signature Custom Experiences give you absolute personalized experiences. From the physically demanding hikes, the relaxing walking safaris around some zebra and impalas, getting lost in the sounds of forests, trying your luck at fishing, tasting your adrenaline while rafting, swimming alongside dolphins, catching your breath while scuba diving and enjoying the village walk at the community or balancing between basking on the sun and lazing on the hammock. For your perfect holiday taste, our experts will confidently handle your entire request.

Once again, for more details about the steps that go into planning a Custom Safari with Oluokos, click here.

We’re your African luxury holiday expert. We’re an independently-owned and ethically run operator specializing in luxury life-changing holidays in eastern and central Africa.  

At Oluokos Signature, we pride ourselves on being the leaders in customer service and we only aim at delivering the best to our discerning guests.

For instance, you might look at the 12-day Kenya Luxury Safari,  and tell us, “That looks an excellent trip for my family, let’s do it,” giving you an opportynity to turn the small group safari into your own private safari. Altenatively, you might want to tweak with the itinerary a bit or a lot to meet your taste. Our Custom Luxury Safari experts will work alongside you to create an itinerary that fits your needs exactly.

You may want to research some more, or you may be inspired to get your dream safari rolling right now by looking at some of the great regional destinations below. Either way, make the adventure-launching call to your travel advisor or our Custom Luxury Safari designers are your service. Contact them at (254) OLUOKOS-Team

Sample Our Selected Luxury Itineraries

Great Migration Safari

Masai Mara National Reserve, Kenya

Maasai Mara Luxury Safari 4 Days

Masai Mara National Reserve, Kenya

The Migration Luxury Kenya Safari 9 Days

Mara Triangle, Kenya

Western Kenya Safari 10 Days

Masai Mara National Reserve, Kenya

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