Bungoma County Tourism

Beyond Agriculture, there's Tourism

Beyond Agriculture, there's Tourism

While on the A104 highway, the only town of any size between Eldoret and the Ugandan border is Bungoma. This is surprising commercial town that has its backbone on agriculture and other economic-related activities. The iconic Sharriffs Centre shopping plaza, other commercial hubs dominating its bustling, arcaded main street.

Bungoma, has several good banks where most of them are closely located on the main street. There’s a Barclays ATM now referred as Absa Bank all together with other banks. Bungoma is currently seeing brighter days with good tarmac streets full with streetlights and of course some breathtaking views especially if you are driving to Busia.

Tourists less visit Bungoma, majority preferring to use it as a transit route on their way to Uganda. This is less used by passenger road traffic than Busia, Kenya but it’s where most freight, as well as the Kenya-Uganda railway line passes before crossing the border to Uganda at Malaba.

Where to Stay In Bungoma

Bungoma County Tourism

In Kenya, there’s a huge diversity of accommodation. These ranges from campsites and local lodging houses for a few hundred shillings a night to luxury lodges and boutique tented camps that can easily cost many hundreds of dollars a night.

In Bungoma, hotels, resorts, and lodges are in existence. These are divided into high and miidle class. In Kenya, the term hotel covers a very broad spectrum. It literally means a cheap café-restaurant, not a place to sleep. At the top end of Bungoma, there are the big tourist and business-class establishments that fits the category of our selected tourism class.

At the mid-price level, some hotels are old settlers’ haunts that were once slightly grand and no longer quite fit in modern Kenya, while others are newer and cater for the Kenyan middle class. A few are fine – charmingly decrepit or fairly smart and semi-efficient – but a fair few are just as basic as you can expect and uninteresting.

To guide you, expect to pay anything from Ksh 4000–15,000 for a decent double or twin room, with bathroom en suite, known in Kenya as “self-contained”. Breakfast is usually included, but if you want to have breakfast elsewhere, the price will be deducted leaving you with a bed only option. Many rooms come with features such as TV – often with satellite television service. Depending with your accommodation, floor or ceiling fans and air conditioning will all put the price up, and are sometimes optional, allowing you to make significant savings at cheaper hotels.

Choices in Bungoma

Bungoma County Tourism

Conveniently located in the middle of the town, Tourist Hotel Bungoma offers good access to local amenities and tourist attractions. The hotel offers comfortable and spacious rooms that are equipped with all the necessary amenities to ensure a comfortable stay. The rooms are clean and well-furnished and come with high-speed internet, TV, and air conditioning. 

The hotel has various facilities to keep guests entertained during their stay. These include a restaurant that serves delicious local and international cuisines, a bar, a swimming pool, and a fitness center. The hotel also has ample parking space, a 24-hour front office service, and a tour desk to help guests plan their sightseeing trips. 

#1. Tourist
Hotel Bungoma


#2. Siritamu

Siritamu Resort and Spa

The out of town luxury resort is located along the Malaba – Eldoret highway in Bungoma, just after Kanduyi. The resort boasts of an expansive natural forest environment, replete with scenic views, outdoor gym, an Olympic size swimming pool and a campsite.

At Siritamu, local culture is fused with class and elegance to ensure that your stay is wholesome and memorable. Their aim is to give clients a befitting out of town experience that allows them to connect with nature in a luxurious homely environment.

From the colorful art hanging on the curved walls, to the flavorful food in Ekwena, a stay at the Hunters Paradise Cottages will be a lifetime experiences. Discover the Bukusu’s traditions where elegance meets inspiration in their traditional cottages. It all weaves and intertwines into the story of who we are. We hope our story can be a piece of your story too—whether you stay with us for a night or a month!

Situated in Bungoma, Hunters Paradise Cottages is another gem. This fully accessible countryside facility is conveniently nestled in the lush neighborhood of Kanduyi. Here you will find a spot that is rich with charm, heritage, attention to detail and good food.

Hunters Paradise Cottages is an unexpected surprise for all the right reasons. They believe that the finer things that Western Kenya has to offer shouldn’t be restricted to the big cities, coastal shores or the popular tourist destinations. With some good level of investment and creativity, Hunters Paradise Cottages have made it possible to explore one of Kenya’s least-known regions.

You are free to visit for a meeting, work, stay, tour and indulgence. They’ve got friendly staff who are always happy to serve with a smile.

We intentionally want our spaces to be fully accessible. We’ve implemented measures to make movement easy for all and continue to find ways to make the Hunters Paradise experience more and more accessible.

#3. Hunters
Paradise Cottages

Hunters Paradise Cottages

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