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Why Book with Oluokos - Your Africa Luxury Safari Specialist


Why Book with Oluokos – We’re committed to ensuring that you get up close and personal life-changing life experiences whilst promoting responsible travel and supporting local conservation in our handpicked destinations.

At Oluokos comfort is our number one essential; our core focus is on experiential luxury rather than the look and the maximum number of guests you can take.

By choice, we strike a balance by doing both.  Please note that majority of our experiences are tailored to the specific requirements. Whether you are looking for some sweet family moments or group relaxation – we are equally privileged to handle excellently specialist requirements- whether you are looking for bird watching experience or honeymooners’ departures.

We're Eco Concious

At Oluokos Signature, we frequently monitor the social, economic, and environmental impact of our experience executions to ensure that we are at the forefront of responsible and ethical tourism in the industry. Please read more about Sustainable Tourism

Why Book With Oluokos

Customized and Scheduled Africa Safaris

We’re are natives of Kenya. We know the inside out of our chosen Africa destinations pretty well and equally seasoned travelers.

We are believers in the power of nature through tourism as agent of change. We’re nature conservationists, communities and guests educators, African inspiring storytellers and uniquely outstanding independent Africa luxury safari operator.

#GoBetterWithOluokos will enable you experience Africa like a local so that you may also have good vibes about Africa. Whether you’re coming to Africa for the breathtaking balloon safaris, romantic sundowners, bush breakfast, walking safaris, canoeing the numerous water bodies, game watching on horseback, hiking, mountain biking, night game drives, enchanting wildlife safaris in 4×4’s or on honeymoon we’re confident and competent enough to weave exceptional luxury safaris

Benefits of Booking with Oluokos

Planet, People, Profit

For Nature and People...

Having an in-depth understanding of the lack of alternative livelihoods is a key issue that both, directly and indirectly, affects the ecosystems.

As a business, our response to this alongside our guests and, other conservation organizations has enabled us to identify feasible alternative activities that both, directly and indirectly, generate income for the native communities from the natural resources sustainably.  

Either way, as Oluokos guest we’d love to help you get to our favorite place on the planet in the most responsible manner both socially, economically and environmentally. We’re belivers luxurious travel can change the world for good with Oluokos Signature. when we tread lightly and in small groups. 

Private Travel

Enjoy Your Moments Quietly...

Our private luxury Africa safaris are for families and small groups of friends looking for a private safari holiday experiences. Our private luxury safari holiday experts will be happy to recommend our favorite exclusive use properties. 

At Oluokos, we are also familiar with private travel options and specialist experience guides whom, whether you have an interest in photography, wildlife viewing, walking, or bird watching, can take you on a lifetime luxury African safari.

The best part of this is that each private safari is unique. This could range from just a few nights in one location to several weeks discovery between eastern and central Africa’s iconic safari destinations. 

Best Value for Money

Best Luxury Travel Experiences...

Our African luxury safari experts know all the golden tips and top secrets to guide our discerning guests on when to splurge and when to save. Having been in the safari business for a reasonably good time, we’ve weaved together a combination of Africa’s best value for money luxury safari itineraries to inspire your next safari.

By choosing to go better with Oluokos, you will have exclusive use of safari properties and you can opt to travel with children of any age. Our itineraries can also allow you to fly directly between your preferred safaris destinations. With your own private guides and chefs, activities and meals are planned around your requirements. In return, this will enable you to experience the authenticity of Africa at your own pace and in your own style.

Africa Luxury Safaris - 14 Reasons Why Oluokos Signature

Honest and unbiased expert advice

We don’t sugar-coat anything about our destinations and this is our pride. Our pride still shines by being truly honest and unbiased in our advice. Having contracts with accommodation properties or airlines, and aligned with some, DMC doesn’t compromise our professionalism at any point. We still work hard to offer you quality holiday experiences that match you up with your perfect expectations. .

Responsible and Honest Operations

Oluokos holidays experiences allow you to sample and enjoy some of the most spectacular cultural, wildlife and wilderness attractions in Africa, so as you can imagine responsible tourism is vitally important to us. We work and still aim to work hard to ensure tourism brings positive impacts to local communities and wildlife conservation in our destinations, and seek to uphold its values in everything we do.

Our Destinations

We’re not the continental champions! We only show you the best part of Africa that we intimately know and its local attractions that we have deep connections. All these, are places we’ve personally visited as guests and with guests during our many field trips.Oluokos Signature focus is on Central and East Africa’s dazzling wilderness areas in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. On our handpicked destinations, we’ll get you further afield and off the beaten track miles away from crowds, that you’ll feel that you own the best wilderness in Africa. We’re keen share with you the least known pockets that are typically only explored by the few lucky guests

Action-packed Africa Luxury Safaris

Smell the dust, splash through the wet African safari trails, get dirt under your nails, ride a camel, kayak the waters of Africa or raise the adrenaline on a hot air balloon safari. Africa is the right place if going wild is your dose!Our luxury Africa safaris haven’t left the adventurers behind. Our action-packed Africa luxury adventures offer exhilarating experiences and gets you up close and personal with Africa’s wildlife. Our luxury safari experts will include some of the best value outdoor activities in some of the enchanting Africa wilderness locations. Our fully guided activities include biking, hiking, walking, horse riding, mobile/fly-in, kayaking, community explorations or fishing expeditions.

Beyond the Office, with Our Guides

We are aware that it takes a lot of time, effort and money to plan for an incredible African luxury safari. We know the difference between going on safari and having an amazing African luxury safari experience.Away from our office, is whom we choose to accompany you. Our safari guides are our brand ambassadors and we honestly only work with guides who are best locally. We acknowledge their importance and strongly recommend them for their hard-earned skills. They work extra hard to ensure that your luxury Africa safari comes to reality at all time.

We Enjoy Traveling in Africa When Time Allows

We’re passionate about traveling and Africa gives us all reasons to do so whenever opportunities come. At Oluokos, we absolutely believe that travel and tourism sectors are very dynamic industries. Our Africa destinations’ understanding is an ongoing process and we’ll always be happy to learn more.Our love for traveling allows us to explore new experiences for the benefits of our discerning guests every year. We travel to refresh our understanding of properties, attractions and to familiarize ourselves with new developments in the wilderness frontiers. Finally, traveling enables us to build relationships with the top of the best local partners and suppliers.

We're Extra Ordinary

We’re the Oluokos Signature. We don’t cut corners to bait you with deals and we’re equally not influenced or skewed by commercial advertisements or extravagant commissions from our competitors. We know our value and what our guests expect and we’ll not compromise this in exchange of what we don’t stand for. We know that if you choose to go for cheaper options, it could turn to be expensive.

Past, Current, and Future Relationships

No matter whether you inquired or booked holiday with Oluokos Signature, we will remain committed to long-term relationships with like-minded, passionate good people with good vibes about Africa. Locally, we choose partners who understand, practice and share our values, and care about our discerning guests. Oluokos have long-standing, intact relationships with the most reputable and respected industry players in Africa. We’ve worked with many of them for years – more than a decade in some cases – and visit them regularly to this day, it means we have complete faith and the best understanding regarding their operations and even their growth trajectory.

Away From Our Partners

Our deep relationships with our clients are equally important to us. Learning and knowing you is crucial, as this is how we can identify your holiday taste buds and travel desires. We have the experience that we’re doing it right because more than 40% of our current business come from referrals, happy past or happy repeat clients – some of them on their second or third trip with Oluokos Signature.

Customized Africa Luxury Safaris

Customizing your safari experience remain to be our best cup of coffee that’s brewed by us for your own enjoyment. You could call us on phone, email us, and meet us in person, either face to face or virtually, to discuss your unique requirements regarding your upcoming Africa luxury safari.We’ll listen to you passionately, provide our expertise giving you available luxury safari options, and then weave matching itineraries for you. We leave nothing to chance knowing very well how valuable your holiday is to you.

Special Interest Luxury Safari

For the fully seasoned African traveler, who is possibly looking to go beyond the traditional luxury safari boundaries, we will assist you to explore new frontiers in remote locations where indigenous African communities will be your hosts for a few days. Whether its birding, photography, specific species observation or conservation safari, Oluokos Signature luxury safari experts are available to help you have the best from Africa.

Special Interest Luxury Safari

For the fully seasoned African traveler, who is possibly looking to go beyond the traditional luxury safari boundaries, we will assist you to explore new frontiers in remote locations where indigenous African communities will be your hosts for a few days. Whether its birding, photography, specific species observation or conservation safari, Oluokos Signature luxury safari experts are available to help you have the best from Africa.

Local Knowledge Sharing

Planning for an African luxury safari can be very demanding and energy consuming. Based on your Africa luxury safari needs, our experts will carefully weave itineraries using our unique skills and vast experience that have been accumulated for years of operations while continuing with our Africa luxury safari philosophy

Safari and Conservation

Our operations are built on the 3Cs concept namely Conservation, Communities and Commerce. At Oluokos Signature, we are firm supporters of the nature conservation of Africa’s flora and fauna alongside their fragile ecosystems.We do this through education and training and by embracing partnership with other like-minded partners. Oluokos is actively involved in creating positive impacts through tourism and this has been our guests’ inspiration too. Please, read more on our Aderema Hills conservation project here.

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