Our History

Our History

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Our History – Oluokos Signature story began over 12 years ago, when our CEO set up a small walking safari outfit in Kenya. This was our turning point and overtime, this niche enterprise thatwas born from a passion for walking and bird watching safaris that Ouma Oluoko had developed over many years guiding in East Africa, working in countries like Kenya, Tanzania, UgandaRwanda and DR Congo.

From the year of our establishment, we have maintained the wildlife experience and expertise that still attract clients so that they may enjoy being in touch with nature in the most responsibel way possible.

In 2017, we changed our operations and adopted the name Oluokos Signature, a move that consolidated our specialist knowledge and allowed us to focus specifically in our chosen destinations.

Our Expertise Counts

To date, Oluokos Signature retains its niche focus, designed to bring people into close contact with iconic wildlife species and incredible cultures in Eastern and Central Africa. We specialize in Kenya, Tanzania, UgandaRwanda and DR Congo focusing always on the life-changing experiences through culture and nature.

We’re a family with decades of experience while living and working in Africa.  Our ethos is deeply rooted in family values. Just like, it is with many family businesses around the globe.

Our operations modules are being passed down to our children who are already in some of our holiday planning. We believe in family systems because they help us to cultivate a climate of being attentive, nurturing, intuitive, inclusive, receptive, and give room for a holistic approach and the development of the business.

Destination Experts

Our dedicated and well informed team have lived, worked and traveled across reasonably well, and together we have the requisite knowledge and experience to plan and weave the signature experience for you.
We are committed in ensuring that you get up close and personal life-changing luxury holiday experiences whilst promoting responsible travel and supporting local conservation in our handpicked destinations.
Whether, you are looking for some sweet family moments or group relaxation – we are equally privileged to handle excellently specialist requirements- whether you are looking for bird watching experience or honeymooners departures.
To have a chat with one of our specialists and for your ultimate wildlife holiday please contact us.
Our History

Benefits of Booking with Oluokos

Planet, People, Profit

For Nature and People...

Having an in-depth understanding of the lack of alternative livelihoods is a key issue that both, directly and indirectly, affects the ecosystems.

As a business, our response to this alongside our guests and, other conservation organizations has enabled us to identify feasible alternative activities that both, directly and indirectly, generate income for the native communities from the natural resources sustainably.  

Either way, as Oluokos guest we’d love to help you get to our favorite place on the planet in the most responsible manner both socially, economically and environmentally. We’re belivers luxurious travel can change the world for good with Oluokos Signature. when we tread lightly and in small groups. 

Private Travel

Enjoy Your Moments Quietly...

Our private luxury Africa safaris are for families and small groups of friends looking for a private safari holiday experiences. Our private luxury safari holiday experts will be happy to recommend our favorite exclusive use properties. 

At Oluokos, we are also familiar with private travel options and specialist experience guides whom, whether you have an interest in photography, wildlife viewing, walking, or bird watching, can take you on a lifetime luxury African safari.

The best part of this is that each private safari is unique. This could range from just a few nights in one location to several weeks discovery between eastern and central Africa’s iconic safari destinations. 

Best Value for Money

Best Luxury Travel Experiences...

Our African luxury safari experts know all the golden tips and top secrets to guide our discerning guests on when to splurge and when to save. Having been in the safari business for a reasonably good time, we’ve weaved together a combination of Africa’s best value for money luxury safari itineraries to inspire your next safari.

By choosing to go better with Oluokos, you will have exclusive use of safari properties and you can opt to travel with children of any age. Our itineraries can also allow you to fly directly between your preferred safaris destinations. With your own private guides and chefs, activities and meals are planned around your requirements. In return, this will enable you to experience the authenticity of Africa at your own pace and in your own style.

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