Our Mission and Core Values

Positively change our world through the power of travel

Positively change our world through the power of travel

In few words, that defines Oluokos Signature’s mission. For us, this has been an ever-demanding journey. While this could be a very lonely journey, we have remained true to this noble cause.For the last 10 years of our sustainable operations, we’ve seen our travel-related activities changing our destination into a formidable force for good.

Great Love for Communities

At Oluokos Signature, touching on the lives of our communities positively through tourism is our foundation. It’s the very core of our company’s culture, the essence of our business, and the driving force behind our day to day operations.

From our point of view, change is inevitable and thus the main ingredient to our success as business. Based on innovation, we heavily invest on people and we believe that they’re the change agents.

At Oluokos, from our senior management, our juniors, partners, suppliers and our guests who engage us daily, our goal is to ensure that we offer fresh and authentic life-changing holiday experiences in eastern and central Africa.


At Oluokos. we don’t do copy. We explore, we learn on our own and do our own fresh paintings that match our market mix.

Sharing unique places that offer unmatched experiences makes part of journey that are designed by Oluokos. At Oluokos, no two safaris are similar and if we do our job well by being authentic, you’ll leave Africa knowing very well that Africa lives in you too.  

Our Commitment Shines

Our passion for Africa luxury travel is only a match to our commitment to the guests we serve. From helping our guests to choose the perfect luxury, Africa trips to weaving seamless incredible luxury itineraries and fulfilling our guests’ expectations by going out of our way to ensure that we exceed your African holiday imaginations.

Our Mission and Core Values
Africa Luxury Safaris

Business Built on Trust

At Oluokos, we stick to our word. Our communication style is responsive, timely, and transparent. We don’t exaggerate any experiences. If we find out that an experience or accommodation facility doesn’t meet our standards, values or seem like a fit for you, we’ll let you know.

We don’t drop our guests as soon as they arrive but remain by their side. Oluokos, travel concierge will be with you every step of the way, to ensure that your holiday remain trouble-free everywhere.  

With reliable, genuine, long-standing business relationships with our partners who have been part of our positive growth you can enjoy peace of mind that you’ll be handled professionally well. We believe in fixing issues timely and in the most responsive manner.

 Exploring New Frontiers

We are aware that many safari operators are still busy following the old traditions or glued on other companies business models to copy and paste. At Oluokos, our approach is different.

Our directors are curious explorers and we often encourage our staff and our guests – to embrace the attitude, step up their knowledge by exploring the less known destinations and attractions. There are a lot more to learnt and enjoyed on the off the beaten track.

 Great Connections

Traveling to Africa is about is about experiences. On each of our luxury itineraries comes with great opportunities to connections. Our African luxury safari destinations are therapeutic by nature. Get close to nature, dance with the host communities, dine under the stars, walk alongside wildlife or participate in one of dazzling cultural festivals. No matter what you choose, you’ll end up having profound connections with every destination.

Remaining Creative

Our unique combination of appreciation to nature, respect to life and remaining optimist in traveling have been our guiding pillars to remaining on course. Living, operating and championing from sustainable development have made us to be part of a communities, diverse cultures and meeting with amazing people. When we succeed it happens mutually and it’s a constant reminder creativity is profound.

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