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Oluokos African luxury safari packages offer the quintessential birding safari experiences for all walks in life. This is heavily attributed to vast wilderness areas, impressive quality, diversity of species and our safari guides field experience.  

Among the most impressive of the continent’s innumerable wildlife spectacles are the flamingoes on the dotted ecologically intricate Rift Valley lakes, waders in deltas, swamps, rivers and lakes of Africa to raptors on open plains and the forests. Africa really does impress with its birding safaris and it is not unusual to record over 85 species of birds in a day.

From the stunning birds like sunbirds, kingfishers, barbets, rollers, hornbills, starlings, sparrows,  bushshrikes and finches can be seen as can a rich diversity of a good number of raptors. The bataleur, snake eagle, martial eagle, fish eagle, falcons, buzzards and goshawks dominate the skies.

On the wetlands, Africa’s birding safari is among the finest in the worlds. Its wetlands throughout support a wealth of wonderful birdlife. From thick-knees, jacana, storks, herons, ibises, pelicans, waterfowl and waders to name a few.

Luxury African Bird Watching Safari

To appreciate luxury bird watching safaris in Africa and understanding the best of its species diversity involves exploring different ecosystems during the same holiday. In general, for bird watching safaris we recommend, spending longer time in each attraction sites to avoid missing birds and animals and we offer quality activities in the best light so you get outstanding bird sightings. 

Though a good number of birders may prefer to be on the move, visiting as many different national parks and likely bird habitats as possible logistically with given timeframes and targeted species desire, we recommended spending a good number of days in some of our selected birding hotspots where it’s possible to see over 250 bird species within three days.


Inspirational African Bird Watching Safaris

In eastern and central Africa, each country is unique with some having more endemic bird species than others have. It’s important for you to share with us what you’re looking for and work with our ornithology specialists. Our luxury birding safaris guarantee you to stay in the very best located camps and lodges to maximise your chances of seeing the birds that interest you most.

Whether you want to tick off a list of your target species or delve longer for the ultimate birding photography moments, bird watching on an Africa safari is a hugely rewarding safari experience not only to the avid birders but also for the beginners who will equally enjoy what Africa birding destinations has to offer.

Africa Bird Watching Safaris

Africa offers fabulous destinations for bird watching and these comes with amazing birds species. From bee-eaters to ostrich, the range of species is astounding but very indulging! Though Africa has a good number of the Big Game, there may be times when wildlfe is scarce, but you can always enjoy investigating the forests, scanning the skies, exploring swamps, walking on the plains and or combing beaches for birdlife.

Although there are some avid bird watchers out there, it’s fair to say that birds are not usually top of the list when it comes to what the majority of guests most want to see on an Africa safari. However, once in Africa it’s hard not to become fascinated by Africa’s birdlife; the sheer diversity of species, sizes, sounds and colours is astounding and varies between destinations. Furthermore, even on days when there is scarce big game to be seen, there are always birds to make your day enjoyable.

From the elusive shoebill and the elegant secretary bird, to flamboyant flamingos and unmistakable ostrich, Africa has plenty of these wonderful feathered friends of us to see. Away from the popular wildlife parks and national reserves, there are several destinations in Africa that lend themselves to bird watching and conservation in particular


Keen on exploring even further to enhance your luxury safari adventure? We’ll help you dig deeper into our magical world of African luxury safari and discover more personal and emotional activities to fully immerse you in your timeless African luxury journey. Remember that every journey is a story based on your personal desires and how you see your African luxury safari adventure unfold. #GoBetterWithOluokos loves nothing more than to create your safari story with you. Let us work with your impressions and dreams and build your African adventure, and that’s what we strive to give you throughout your African luxury safari with us. Please, read more…

Bird Watching Trips

Our guests tend to ask what the perfect African birding safari itinerary looks like and to be honest, we don’t have a  straight-forward answer. 

To answer you in brief, each guest has a unique taste when it comes to enquiring about an African birding safari and this could also be based on personality that’s strongly influenced by  expecations. We have given a few good to check itineraries  to serve as bird watching travel inspirations.

We don’t offer Africa as a bucket list destination, but a rich continent with diversity, meaningful purpose to travel, cultural mosaic and of course, unmatched habitats that have given room to birds and wildlife. We have identified  Africa’s most intriguing bird watching safaris that you should consider during your bird watching holiday planning. 

Kenya's Top
Birding Sites

From the dull and drub finch to the beautiful sunbird and from the mythical hamerkop to the steady and no-nonsense bustard bird… Hey, this is Kenya. Let’s go birding!

Of vistas so immense that they touch your soul for nature and awake your birding spirit. With a checklist of over 1100 species of birds, Kenya is well known as a birding safari destination and this already adds more value to the wildlife attractions in our parks.

Uganda's Top
Birding Sites

The diverse habitats in the land-locked Uganda’s most ancient forest appear to be the perfect habitat for a diversity of bird species, with over 1000 species having been recorded. These bird species mainly well distributed from Lake Victoria’s shores, the source of the Nile, and from the Albertine Rift to the northern arid lands. You can get to see these species on a birding safari in Uganda in these popular habitats that range from the vast savannas to the trpical forests and the expansive swamps.

Tanzania's Top
Birding Sites

Home to one of the highest number of species in Africa, Tanzania is a good option for a trainee twitcher as new species can be spotted throughout your trip. From the plains of the Serengeti, rich with huge raptors, to the woodlands of the Nyerere (formerly Selous) and Ruaha and Lake Manyara with its resident flamingos, the varied habitats really increase the species count. Tanzania has an  impressive 24 endemic bird species alongside it checklist.

DR Congo Top
Birding Sites

With a staggering list of 1189 bird species and in spite of having the biggest number of species than any other African country, the DR Congo isn’t well known and even to make it worse some of its bird species could be new to science if not only being poorly known. For a country, that its natural resources are yet to be explored fully, tourism in general or bird watching tourism in the Democratic Republic of Congo remains as a far-fetched realization.

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Whatever you’re interested in, we will weave your bespoke, perfect African bird watching experience. Get inspirations from our example trips and then get in touch to plan your own bird watching safari.

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